Internet Difficulties

Hi everyone! If you were looking for my regular devo post this morning, the reason for its absence was my DWID, “Developing World Internet Difficulties.”

A little slice of life: Here in the Amazon Jungle, it’s an amazing truth of current history that we have Internet at all, and I make sure and thank God regularly for it. At the same time, it has been one of His tools to continue to develop the fruit of the Holy Spirit in me, as often, I need much patience as I wait for a loooong time for the page to load! (Imagine ten minutes or longer occasionally, or not at all). Anyway, last night it went away completely for the night, so I wasn’t able to get the devo scheduled for this morning.

As a result, what I usually would have posted today through Friday will instead be going up tomorrow through Saturday.

Thank you for your grace and patience too! Much love to all of you!

11 thoughts on “Internet Difficulties

  1. Just want you to know the devotion was missed and you are appreciated! God bless you & all your wonderful family and may you all run faster than the internet!

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  2. wOW! I am surprised but pleased. My internet this morning has been CRAZY. VERY STRANGE. We are on a satellite and sometimes weather effects ability to function. I tried to reply to you a couple of times but nothing at all happened. I hope you maintain enough of your service to be able to write even few times a week. I enjoy and appreciate what you have to say. Blessings.


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