God’s Book of Remembrance


“He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward.” (Matt. 10:41a, NKJV)

Have you ever entertained the idea that maybe the big-name preacher or the famous evangelist is a much bigger deal to God than you are? 

It certainly is tempting to think that way. The pattern of this world is to gauge success and meaningfulness by measurable numbers and visible acclaim.

However, the Father invites us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. He beckons us into a completely different way of viewing life, success, meaningfulness, and importance.

The one who serves the prophet receives just as much reward as the prophet. If you bring a cup of cold water to someone that He loves, you cause His face to light up with a smile. He joyfully exclaims that you will “by no means lose [your] reward” (v. 42). What He means by this, is that the reward that He has for you is in no way smaller because of the simplicity of your service.

This is His heart towards each of His children: “He who receives you receives Me” (v. 40). Every single person He has created is exceedingly precious to Him. These are His little ones.

When one of His little ones is hurting, He is hurting too. When you see that person and you reach out, this quickly catches His eye. His head turns and He watches. Your compassion brings relief to His pain. His heart swelling, He nods to an angel standing nearby.

The angel immediately inscribes a detailed note into Heaven’s ledger. You have deeply moved the Lord’s spirit with your act of kindness. He makes sure that what you did is now recorded in His “book of remembrance” for all of eternity (see Mal. 3:16). Believe me, you will have your reward.

Several years ago, I made the acquaintance of a brother in the Lord who has dedicated himself completely to the care of his paralyzed friend. The handicapped man can do nothing for himself and requires full-time attention. His caretaker has freely given his entire life to this responsibility.

With peaceful steadfastness and patient devotion, he joyfully embraces this is as his calling. My heart was profoundly stirred, watching his tenderness towards his friend. He has received the revelation that he has one of the most important, meaningful jobs in the world. Describing it this way is not a simple nicety. It is truth.

Jesus is in the ministry of the mundane. He doesn’t measure the numbers. He measures the love.


Are you sometimes tempted to feel like what you have to offer is less important than what others bring to the table? How has God helped you see the truth about this?


6 thoughts on “God’s Book of Remembrance

  1. You speak the TRUTH, Jennifer- as always. In my going through life I have noticed a few things that I will atempt to attach to your words. As a catholic in my first 18 years of life, I believed that those of hierarchy were closer and more loved and in line with GOD! The result of this was that I left the church and my beliefs until 1977, when I received Jesus. Then in the years that followed, I often reflected on wolves in sheep’s clothing. I believe that our enemy, the world and the flesh focus much on those who may BEGIN in striving to be a child of God’s, but just as the seed that falls on unfurtle ground, ours roots are week or dead. Those that follow people that thrive on leaders of much acclaim are delviing into idolity. Those leaders have lost their FIRST LOVE, JESUS. Our simple lifes of love for God and love for others will never be accepted by a fallen world without the Jesus. When our hearts, souls and spirits are filled with the love of Christ, we can not help but offer up ourselves as Holy sacrifices to our Father in Heaven and those around us. Amen len wisniewski

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  2. I feel like that with my blog. I think, “What have I got to say that hasn’t already been said-and probably more eloquently?” I wonder if I’m even doing anything for the kingdom if I don’t do anything “big” or selfless, because I sometimes feel like I should be a suffering servant to be doing something significant for God.

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    1. Goodness do I hear you! The enemy has tried ever since I started my blog to discourage me with similar thoughts, to get me to stop. Good thing you and I keep living out the beautiful design Daddy God has for us! There are people you are reaching that no one else will, my dear sister. Never, ever give up! Much love to you 🙂 ❤


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