The Startling Power Available to Simple Believers Who Gaze on God (Part 4)


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Priests: God has also called us a “royal priesthood” (1 Pet. 2:9). To understand this part of our intercessory role as believers, we need to look at the responsibilities He entrusted to the priests in the Old Testament. Their function foreshadowed what we are to be doing now as ministers of the New Covenant. (We are all ministers of His covenant! Holy Spirit urges those without ministry titles to rise up into this universal call to all true believers in Him!)

We could do an extensive, lengthy study on this subject, but for today’s purposes I only want to highlight the priest’s most central duty. That is, to apply the blood for redemption. Aaron and his offspring held the solemn duty of presenting the shed blood of the sacrifice in the presence of God. Representing the blood that Jesus would shed for us, this crimson flow was for the atonement of sins.

We, as God’s chosen new covenant priests, are to apply His precious blood as we stand before Him in intercession. As His Spirit leads us and prays through us, we plead His blood over each person and circumstance that is stirring in His heart. He has given us authority to apply it in the heavenly realms and to loose its power to break the hold of sin, darkness, and the curse in the lives of those He dearly loves.

Will You Respond?

Dear one, you have been chosen by Him. He looked out over all His creation, and He saw you. He carefully, lovingly, powerfully selected you. He is brimming over with excitement for the partnership He foresees with you that will literally bring transformation into His beloved earth. He is calling you to be His living ladder, where the activity of Heaven will ascend and descend… connecting the cries and groanings of His precious ones with His glorious, unlimited power. Will you gaze at the Throne today and allow Him to release through you into this world what is stirring passionately in His heart for them?

Royal, priestly intercessor, take your place!


Have you ever thought about being a priest for God?

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