Everything You Need, You’ll Find It in His Arms

Daddy daughter

“A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation” (Ps. 68:5, NKJV)

Some time ago, I was ministering to a young man whose father had abandoned the family. Holy Spirit had me share this Scripture with him. Since that time, He has heightened my understanding of the amazing depth that is packed into these fifteen words. This verse does not go out only to orphans and widows. Through it, Daddy God is speaking to all of us.

What He is saying to you and me is this:

“Everything that your human relationships cannot or will not fulfill for you, I will. Exceedingly, abundantly so – beyond what you could ask or imagine.

“If your earthly father does not provide for your physical or emotional needs, I will.

“If your husband has abandoned or devastated you, or has departed this earth, I will be closer to you than he ever could have been.

“If you have not been covered, cherished, and protected by the humans in your life, I will be your defender. Come find refuge and safety in My love. I will fight for you.

“If your family relationships have left you hurting and empty, I will step in and overwhelmingly fill in the gaping hole they left… so much so that you will overflow with My goodness.

“If you are lonely and sad, I am stretching My everlasting arms out to you invitingly. As you seek Me with all your heart, I can and will be more real to you than even the physical arms that you long for.”

“Come into My holy habitation. Here in My bosom you will find everything… absolutely everything… that you need.”

As I was finishing up this writing, I heard my fourteen-year-old, Ester, speaking to my five-year-old, Lily, behind me. Lily was upset, feeling like Anna (my middle daughter) was being unloving toward her. Ester gently reassured her,

“Lily, even if no one in the whole world loves you, God’s love is more than enough for you. And even if the whole world loved you, it would not even compare to one drop of all the love that God has for you.”

Don’t you love how Holy Spirit confirms what He is saying, so generously and so immediately?

Beyond a doubt, all you need is love. The Father’s love.


In what ways has God met needs for you that the humans in your life weren’t able to?

4 thoughts on “Everything You Need, You’ll Find It in His Arms

  1. He has been my encourager and lifter of my head in times of discouragement after each of my parent’s terminal illnesses and deaths. He has been my rock of refuge when others’ choices overwhelmed me with grief. He has been my confidante, that friend who really listens when I did not know who to turn to. He has been my defender when defending myself proved futile. He has let me know how tenderly and fully He loves me at times when I have not felt cherished. He has whispered words of hope when discouragement threatened to take my loved ones down and me with them! Thank you for this reminder that only our Father God can fulfill us. Love you, sis. Thank you for being a conduit of His Spirit to me and to all of us.

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    1. Wow. What you wrote here is absolutely beautiful. Should be a blog post in and of itself! You expressed who He is in such a clear, true, and poignant way. Thank you. And thank you for ever encouraging me!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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