Lessons from an Ex-Fisherman on Making Your Every Day Prophetic (Part 3)

You never know what will happen when you let the Holy Spirit mess with your day to day activities…but you can count on the results being “exceedingly, abundantly” better than anything you could come up with yourself.

Here’s something to experiment with as you chew on these principles. Try standing in the shower and asking Him to wash over you with His cleansing love. Concentrate on His presence bathing you as you feel the water running down over your skin. Then as you get dressed afterwards, picture yourself “clothing” your whole being with the garments of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and love (Col 3:12, 14) – with every item of clothing that you put on your body. “Thank You, Holy Spirit, for this jacket of Your love that is covering me. I am now wearing Your glory and ready for the day.” As you spray on your perfume, declare, “Everywhere I go today, I will carry the fragrance of Your genuine care for everyone I encounter!”

Getting dressed

See, you just did it! You just made your morning routine into a series of powerful prophetic acts. I would truly love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments section below. Holy Spirit is so eager to transform our mundane into mighty! Let’s make room for Him in every big and little thing we do with the hours He has given us today.

Our brother Peter can tell you, there’s nothing better than this. When you look at your weather worn boat and see it hardly able to support the weight of the biggest catch of fish you’ve ever seen… When the same old thing you’ve been doing every day is suddenly transformed into a dazzling picture of your destiny… When you look up into the Savior’s eyes and see He is beckoning you to follow Him into ever greater and more exciting adventures, you know. Activating the spiritual realm through physical obedience is the lifestyle you want to run after with abandon. I’m with this fisherman-turned-apostle. My heart cries out with his, “At Your word, Lord, let’s do this thing!”

Daddy God, I am so thankful that You want to breathe life into my daily routine! I lift up to You what to me is mundane, and ask You to make it sacred. Let the soft breeze of Your closeness, Your holiness, blow into and over my chores and scheduled activities for today. Come in, Holy Spirit. Turn my banalities into prophetic acts. I welcome You into what I am doing right here and now. Fill my movements with Your vitality, with Your power, with Your love, with Your energy, with Your joy. Show me the way You want to direct each of my steps today. Take over completely! I trust You with all that I am.

7 thoughts on “Lessons from an Ex-Fisherman on Making Your Every Day Prophetic (Part 3)

  1. This reminded me of a time when I was dusting (a rarity, I hate to admit!) and God led me to treat it as if I was anointing the house with oil, asking Holy Spirit to fill every crevice of our home. Another memory was of a mother of eight children who spent so much time folding laundry when the children were young that she made it intercessory prayer time. If she was folding the child’s shirts, she asked for God to guard their hearts in righteousness, etc—corresponding with the armor of God. I remember her sharing that she prayed for their purity when folding their undergarments. I have done that too back when all the kids were home, but had forgotten until this post!
    God has been speaking little whispers to me all day just like the devo—through mundane tasks. About midday I misplaced my phone. I looked and looked, but felt God whisper, “I took it away from you” with a loving smile. Because I wasn’t tied to my phone, I had such a blessed day and was able to hear those whispers more clearly. My husband found it just a bit ago, but hopefully I can have the desire and self-control to put it away on my own! 😀
    Sorry for the LONG response!

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      1. This is cool and goes along with my God whispers yesterday—didn’t realize the significance till today. We are trying to relocate and I’ve been looking for teaching positions in that area, but not finding anything yet for which I’m qualified. As I was washing the dishes yesterday I picked up an insulated mug with my current school’s mascot on it. My immediate thought was—oh, I’ll be changing mascots, and without missing a beat I imagined a hawk mascot. I don’t like hawks. There is no reason I would come up with that. Welllll this afternoon while browsing the districts in which I’ve applied I came across a completely different district in the area we would like to be that has the perfect position open for my qualifications. When I went to the school website, guess what their mascot is? You got it! They are the Blackhawks! Story to be continued once I see how it unfolds! 🦅🙏❤️

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