One, Two, Three… Go!

“I look up toward you, the one enthroned in heaven. Look, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a female servant look to the hand of her mistress, so my eyes will look to the Lord, our God, until he shows us favor” (Ps. 123:1-2, NET).

This Scripture gives us a beautiful picture. The Psalmist lifts his eyes toward his Creator, in a perfect mixture of absolute dependence and absolute anticipation. In his culture, the quality of household servants’ lives hung entirely on the caliber of their masters’ character. A cruel, angry master or mistress would mean an existence of unceasing drudgery and complete misery for the servant. On the other hand, a benevolent lord would create an atmosphere of contentment and love for the one working under his roof. Day to day activities would, as a result, be full of meaning and purpose.

Clearly, the Psalmist was looking to the hand of God with the expectation associated with a kind, devoted Master – one whom it was an utter privilege to serve. “…Until He shows us favor.” “Until” means that you are convinced that what you are waiting for is going to happen.

There was no waffling in the Psalmist’s words. No wondering if the favor would be granted. No hanging the head in doubt. No avoiding eye contact with his Master out of uncertainty. No; instead, he was gazing right up toward the One enthroned in heaven. Right into His eyes. Waiting. Entirely dependent and entirely expectant. Knowing that favor would come, and knowing that it would again make life beautiful.

We, too are wholly dependent on our Master. We need Him to do everything for us. We can’t perfect our own faith. We can’t lift one finger to change the essential nature of our being. We lean completely into His ability and willingness to transform us, to lead us, to teach us, to provide for us, and to renew us. What a joy it is to know His heart! To know how He longs to meet our needs even more than we long to have them met! When we understand this, we, too will wait with expectancy for His flawless timing regarding everything that pertains to us.

Even the number of this Psalm says something to our spirits. 123. Can you hear it? “One, two, three, go!” This is a Psalm of anticipation. It’s a Psalm of hope. It’s encouraging you today: look to Him. The One who is enthroned in heaven is enthroned over your circumstance. He knows. He is Almighty God. At the same time that He has unlimited power at His disposal, He is the most benevolent, kind, passionately devoted being that exists. The caliber of His character is going to bring forth for you a mind-blowing quality of life. Wait in expectation. Favor is coming!

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