Morning Satisfaction

“Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days” (Ps. 90:14, NIV).

I woke up this morning with this verse bubbling up in my spirit. Lately, the Lord has been emphasizing to me His desire for the first fruits of my attention as my day begins. He wants to begin communing with me as soon as I wake up, but He needs my cooperation. He has been challenging my tendency to immediately look at my various and sundry smartphone notifications – and to instead lie there for a lingering moment, tuning into Him.

So I did that this morning, resisting the cell phone summons and instead heeding His. Holy Spirit flowed through my inner being with these beautiful words penned by Moses.

“Satisfy us.” Personalize that. “Satisfy me, Lord.” My phone is not going to profoundly, luxuriantly satisfy me to my very core, but His presence will. In fact, His presence is the only thing that is going to provide rich satisfaction for the day that lies ahead of me.

“In the morning.” Before you and I even open our eyes upon waking, we can reach out for Him in spirit. With countless other voices clamoring for our attention at the beginning of the day, this requires discipline. Will we choose His voice over the others?


“With your unfailing love.” His love for us never, ever, ever fails. Never wavers, never fades, never falters, never withers. Never grows tired of our struggles, never wearies of cherishing us. He’s inviting us, before we rush into our routine, to linger and drink deeply of this love.

“That we may sing for joy.” Once His love gets into the very fiber of our inner being, it naturally, spontaneously produces joy. Who, deeply experiencing her belovedness, wouldn’t have a song on her heart?

“And be glad all our days.” Beginning the morning with a soak in Daddy’s love will invigorate our souls with gladness for the entire stretch of the day before us. And we can do so all of our days! We can perpetually live this way!

What a marvelous opportunity we have, to start out the next twenty-four hours fueling up with His indescribably satisfying presence. Will you linger for a moment and marinate in His matchless love?

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4 thoughts on “Morning Satisfaction

  1. I love this. I do this from time to time. This challenges me to continue and pressing in on my morning Cuddles in daddy’s arm to set my day ahead of me.

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  2. Just the other evening I was mindlessly groping for my phone on my nightstand when I stopped and asked myself what I was craving that it was going to satisfy! Out loud I said, “Oh, I’m craving You, Father! Not that phone! “
    I do however love reading your blog in the evenings on my phone so maybe that’s what it was!

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