You Are Not Insignificant!

“And you, little Bethlehem, are not insignificant among the clans of Judah, for out of you will emerge the Shepherd-King of my people Israel!” (Matt. 2:6, The Passion Translation).

Here is another beautiful truth the Christmas story has to teach us: Little in appearance does not equate small in significance.

Little Bethlehem. God picked an itty-bitty town to make His appearance on the earth. The place must have seemed inconsequential, for Holy Spirit to insist that the opposite was true. Almost like the town needed to hear it. No, Bethlehem, you are not insignificant!

The Savior of us all was to be born in that very small place. When Isaiah prophesied His birth, he proclaimed that this new Prince’s government would be marked by increase that would never have an end (Is. 9:6-7). In fact, God planned on taking over the whole world, starting with His birth.

If God’s plan was to set up a Kingdom that would cover the entire planet, Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem was not a very likely strategy. First of all, a baby? The most weak, vulnerable of all human beings? Why not send in Jesus as a mighty military conqueror? (The Jews wondered the same thing).

And Bethlehem? A village so small it hardly deserved a dot on the map? Why not the capital city, Lord?

And a handful of shepherds as witnesses? That’s it?? God, what about getting the word out to all the influential people of the day, getting the VIP’s on board with Your plan? What about networking? PR? Marketing? Media announcements? Press attention?

Nope. None of the above. Little Bethlehem. A helpless newborn. Not even any room at the one tiny motel in town. Some scruffy outdoorsmen as sole witnesses. Looking at this strategic planning from a natural perspective, it’s almost laughable! How in the world was this going to become a global movement?


We chuckle because we know the end of the story. The Father’s insane strategy actually worked. (Photo via SP Kirilov)

Daddy God did it this way on purpose. He did so to show us that He really has chosen the weak. He did it to teach us that He likes to start out what will become mighty quietly and off the radar. Are you feeling inconsequential today? Even if you are small in the world’s eyes, you are not unimportant. Absolutely the opposite, in fact! You are actually a perfect candidate for God to begin something through your life that will ultimately take your breath away.

No, beloved child, you are not insignificant. Still not sure about that? Just ask Bethlehem.

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