Grace Upon Grace

“And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” (John 1:16, ESV)

Today I have a little story to tell that contains a message from the Lord for you.

The other day, I took my daughter Ester with me to a laboratory in town. We both needed blood tests. After the deed was done, we went out to dinner before heading home.

None of this would be very interesting if it weren’t for the Holy Spirit’s wonderful habit of speaking to us through the most mundane of circumstances. As I was lying in bed that night to go to sleep, He started slipping thoughts into my mind about the day’s activities (at this point I didn’t even realize it was Him):

  • My lab tests had cost S/55.
  • Ester’s lab test had cost S/5.
  • My dinner right afterwards had also cost S/55.

Hm, I thought to myself. Five fives! Then I suddenly recognized it was Him talking in my head. I heard Him whisper, “Exponential grace…” as I was drifting off to sleep.

If you aren’t familiar with the Biblical symbolism of numbers, the number five represents the grace of God. If five means grace, then five fives works out to grace upon grace! Understanding this, my spirit received a surge of life from Him in that moment. He was lovingly imparting multiplied grace to me during my transition into sleep.

The next day, I got up and got ready to head out to teach at our Pastors’ School. If you are not familiar with our jungle city of Iquitos, one of the main modes of transportation is called a motocarro. This is our local taxi. I climbed into a motocarro with my son, and we were on our way. A couple minutes later, I glanced in front of us, and excitedly grabbed my phone to snap a picture. Look what I saw!

Exponential Grace

Do you see them? Five fives!! Actually, if you count the license plate and the two places on the motocarro where the number is painted, it’s three sets of five fives!!

Can anyone say exponential grace?

I sense the Lord wanting me to release this word over you today. If you are needing multiplied grace during this season, open up your hands to receive it! It’s yours for the taking. I speak, from the fullness of Jesus, grace upon grace over you right now. Exponential grace be activated in your life, in His beautiful name!

10 thoughts on “Grace Upon Grace

  1. Wow, that is neat! Please fill in what you felt the grace is for. You said He was transitioning you during the night. Are you speaking of strengthening? thanks! Ann


    1. Yes, I am speaking of strengthening. For me personally, I need the grace for a new season He has called me into with greater responsibility than what I was carrying before. He is teaching me to walk in it without carrying the weight of it myself, but to stay in His rest. However, when I felt Him prompt me to share it with everyone on here, I believe that it’s exponential grace for whatever is needed for the individual reading. So whatever you need exponential grace for, it is yours!


      1. Thank you for the explanation of what exponential grace has meant for you. How reassuring and comforting He is to His beloved-“come to me all you that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” I have seen 555 on the clock often through the years and had heard that 5 meant grace. After your confirmation of it meaning strengthening, I now believe it meant strength being given for endurance. Interestingly enough, after reading your Grace Upon Grace post, Dean and I saw 555 on a Cooper( type of car)car’s license plate ,stopped in front of us, while taking a country drive a few days ago! I’ll be praying further to know what this means for us!


      2. That makes me chuckle at the Lord’s goodness! I love it so much! I keep seeing 5:55 on the clock recently too (I have in the past as well, but there’s been an uptick since I posted Grace Upon Grace!) Amen on strength for enduring! Check out this song too that a friend shared with me after she saw my post: !


  2. I love this so much!! And then to see it on that motocarro pic is so special to me because during those CRAZY rides around Iquitos this summer, I would often close my eyes and revel that God’s grace was keeping me safe and helping me stand up to fear! I still go back in my mind to speeding around Iquitos like I’m in a video game and then arriving at our destination. How thrilling is God’s exponential grace in our lives. It will literally take you places you never thought possible!


    1. Smiling. I love hearing how close to home that is for you!! Video game eh 😁 I still remember the excitement of my first motocarro ride all those years ago. It’s most definitely an unforgettable experience!


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