Etch A Sketch Inspiration

“He has taken our sins away from us as far as the east is from west” (Ps. 103:12, NCV).

I had one of those really fun Holy Spirit moments this week. Here’s the back story. Almost every night, I fall asleep listening to one of my favorite preachers. There are two of them, and they both have very fatherly hearts. I drift off into sleep, soothed by their gentle voices speaking the Word of God.

I use a particular app for this purpose, on my phone, with videos of these preachers. The other night, I opened my app to find the place where I had left off the night before. It opened up to a vivid visual of the minister pretending to erase an Etch A Sketch. His miming movements up and down and side to side were vigorous and energetic. I remarked to myself, “I hadn’t thought about that toy in decades!”

Have you ever played with an Etch A Sketch? I had so much fun with mine as a child. I would spend long windows of time trying Continue reading Etch A Sketch Inspiration