Treasures of Darkness

Old Treasures on Tuesdays đź‘‘

“And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness—secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name” (Isa. 45:3, NLT).

The abalone that you see in my hand here in this photo is a gift I recently received. It’s now sitting on my desk, for me to marvel at daily. A constant reminder that our God delights in hiding breathtaking beauty in deep, dark places… so we can search for it and be astounded by its discovery. This seashell came from the depths of the ocean. Until someone dived way into the waters, on the hunt for mysterious treasures in clandestine places… no one but God could enjoy its loveliness.

I am amazed at the beauty of this shell that very possible might never have been found. How many more like it are still hidden in the deep darkness? I pick it up and turn it over and over in my hands. Its many colors glisten like an opal. Which reminds me, opals are another intriguing example of this same principle. Daddy also hides their exquisiteness in unseen places, enticing us humans to take up pick and shovel and explore far underground to seek them out.

Our verse for today promises that Daddy God intends for us to enjoy secret, hidden riches. Truly, anything worth possessing, is also worth searching out. The more you invest yourself in diving deep – in seeking for His heart – with all you are and all you’ve got, the more you will experience these hidden riches.

More than the answers to our questions; more than spiritual gifts; more than the joy of seeing His Spirit flow through us, transforming others’ lives… He is the unspeakably precious treasure our hearts our longing for. We may have looked in many other places for something to satiate our parched spirits, but only He will satisfy. He is the Pearl of great price. Yes, He is the hidden wealth worth giving all we own to possess. We see this twelve verses later:

“Truly, you are a God who hides yourself, O God of Israel, the Savior” (Isa. 45:15, ESV).

He hides Himself? Why would Daddy God do that? There is an amazing explanation. It’s for the same reason He conceals priceless treasures in the depths of the earth and the depths of the sea: So that those who truly long for Him will seek Him with all of our hearts… and revel in the euphoric bliss of discovery.

Seek… and you will find!

“Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know him, and he will respond to us as surely as the coming of dawn or the rain of early spring” (Hos. 6:3, TLB).


How has God rewarded your dilligent seeking of Him?