The Shoes of Peace

It’s audio devo day!

What amazingly good news it is, that you and I get to walk in Jesus’ own peace! We can have peace at all times, in every way. This peace is protection for us, and it is an indispensable part of the armor of light. May the Lord minister His peace deeply to your heart as you listen here:

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Some months ago, my friend shared a dream of hers with me. In the dream, she had a huge collection of shoes. She was searching frantically through them. However, she was having great difficulty finding an appropriate pair for the occasion on hand, which was a grand one.

Not long afterwards, my husband told me about a dream he’d had. In it, a buddy had given him a wonderful, brand-new pair of tennis shoes. We pondered on this message from the Lord together. When we looked it up, we found that friend’s last name means “gift of God.”

Through both of these dreams, Holy Spirit was speaking. Very specifically, He was speaking about one of His most precious gifts to us: His peace. When I heard them, a lightbulb went on. I immediately understood that He was drawing on this verse for His choice of imagery: “And, as shoes for your feet… put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace” (Eph. 6:15, ESV). Holy Spirit wanted to impart something new about this heavenly footwear that is an essential part of the armor of God: the peace that passes all understanding.

As we continue our journey through our Ephesians 6 description of His armor, the shoes of peace are the third piece in the biblical list. How exceedingly precious is this provision for our battles!

My friend’s dream portrays a truth that applies to all of us. In her dream scenario, she had a considerable collection of shoes. Just like her, you and I have all sorts of choices when it comes to shoeing our feet. What are we going to put on in the morning? We can choose to step into worry… or irritation… or self-reliance… or indifference… or… what about peace?

A marvelous choice! We can choose to Continue reading The Shoes of Peace