Take The Pillow Off

“Deep calls to deep at the roar of your waterfalls; all your breakers and your waves have gone over me.” (Ps. 42:7, ESV)

Their eyes meet. From across the room, a magnetic pull draws them together. Overwhelming chemistry is instant. They spend the evening laughing and talking, caught up in the heady excitement of discovered romance. Soon they are in each other’s arms, swept away in embrace…


What is it about movie scenes like these that are so appealing to the masses? Why does this story line sell over and over and over again?

These modern-day fairy tales speak to a longing that calls out imploringly from our inmost being. In the hustle and bustle of daily busyness, we often stuff a pillow on this haunting, hungry voice of our souls and force ourselves to carry on. We are afraid of being overwhelmed by the sheer force of our yearning, if we were to remove the pillow and let out the cry.

What is it that our deep heart is pleading for? It’s passionate love. We are aching to experience it. What so many of us haven’t realized is that God’s love is exactly the sort our searching hearts are looking for.

When we go to the movies, sometimes the pillow slips off. We are watching the screen with fixed, enraptured attention. The handsome, muscular man and the elegant, lovely woman… the love gaze… the embrace… the passion… Our soul realizes that the pillow suffocating it has temporarily gone off duty, and begins to scream again. “Give me that! I want that! I need that! Please! Please! Pleeeeeeeeeasssse!!!!

Why? Because we were made for embrace. We were made for intimacy. God’s embrace. And God’s intimacy. There has never been a love more passionate, more wild, more fierce, or more tender, than the love of God. There has never been a romance more divine than the story of His longing and His quest to win your heart.

So take the pillow off. Let deep call unto deep. Let your heart of hearts groan for His presence, for His intimacy, for His embrace. He will answer. He will come.