My Brand New Book Available Now!

Remember how I promised an exciting announcement coming soon? Here it is — my new book, hot off the press!


Do you have a hungry, searching place inside you? If you pay careful attention, you will realize that it is spiritual hunger you are experiencing. Believe me, dear friend, a media binge is not going to satisfy it. Neither will a phone call to your best friend. Squeezing more busyness into your calendar will not make it go away either. Your spirit is crying out to be fed. Those cravings are from the very core of you. Only one thing will truly satisfy: fresh bread from Heaven’s own oven.

Lean in and listen carefully. Jesus is tenderly beckoning you to ingest the closeness of His presence… the richness of His love… the sustenance of His Word to your heart: “I am the bread of life… He who feeds on Me will live because of Me…”

This book contains 100 carefully crafted devotionals to help you respond to His invitation. Open these pages and come away with Him, deeper and deeper into His heart…

Available for purchase on Amazon HERE!

26 thoughts on “My Brand New Book Available Now!

      1. You’re welcome 🙌🙏. It’s of great pleasure of mines Jennifer; it’s awesome to see your visions coming through — well done my friend 💙✌✌.

        Thank you for letting me know what you think about the late responses Pata, and I wish you well on your travelling 🤘😂

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  1. Congratulations. I have checked it out on Amazon and thinking seriously about buying for David. My own Meditation books with Amazon are illustrated and beautiful for on the table inspiration (only 15 in each book). You may have indeed much deeper reflections. I wish you all the best in God for the success of this venture. Our God Lives! and Peace! with Amazon but I think the price too high. its because of the pictures. I will certain keep your link and refer to others. Thank you.

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