Going After the One


“And he had to pass through Samaria” (John 4:4, ESV).

I have a brief thought for you today. It is short, but it will change your life forever if it gets deep into your heart. It is this: Jesus will go entirely out of His way just to connect with you.

The other day, we talked about His transformational interaction with the Samaritan woman. His conversation with her has refreshed the spirits of believers for centuries. Today, I want to center in on the succinct verse above that helps set up the context for the story. John’s gospel tells us that Jesus had to pass through Samaria. He had to. What does this mean?

This phraseology suggests to us that all of the passion of Jesus’ being went into laser beam focus as He chose the path for His journey that day. Because of the animosity between the Jews and Samaritans at that time, any of His countrymen would have purposefully avoided Samaria. The Jews habitually took the long route and skirted completely around the despised territory, rather than cross it. But Jesus had to go through it… for one very specific reason. That reason was waiting for Him, rejected and forlorn, at the side of Jacob’s well.

As I know Jesus did every minute of every day (because He said so in John 5:19), He leaned in on that occasion to see what the Father was doing. Daddy God was going to Samaria to seek out a lonely, wounded soul that had been abandoned by five husbands. And so Jesus knew that’s where He was going too. He was going to Samaria to meet with one woman. One.

Didn’t the Savior of the world have more critical things to do than worry Himself about one woman in a part of the country that everyone else wanted to avoid? Nope. Everything within Him was fixated wholly on this precious daughter. He planned to give His life for her. He knew she desperately needed Him. She was the priority on His schedule that day.

In the same way, He will go to any length necessary to find a way to come face to face with you. You, individual you. You, one seven-billionth of the planet’s population, you. You are that precious to Him. He would cross the universe to encounter you, to be with you, to bring wholeness and life to you. As a matter of fact, He already did.

“If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others on the hills and go out to search for the one that is lost?” (Matt. 18:12, NLT, bold emphasis mine).


In what practical, undeniable ways has God shown you His personal interest in you?


15 thoughts on “Going After the One

  1. Jesus has shown me in so many ways, but I was like that one woman at the well. I was going through life hurt and broken because of an abusive parent. Then the day came when Jesus called my heart in spite of my defiance and brokenness. When I finally answered, He put me back together piece by piece. I still have the scars from my sins, but they only help me share the gospel of Jesus with others! I praise His Holy name!

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  2. Oh, in just a million and one undeniable ways! (I could spend the rest of my life sharing how He has shown His personal interest and actually hope to). But for now, I’ll just offer my praise!

    So beautiful, Jennifer. Thank You!

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  3. Jennifer, I must make known to all that have ears to hear. Never once has our God failed me in my life. He has met ME in my ups and downs daily. It mattered not, that I took time alone with Jesus or called out in the moment of needs. He was there ! before the first tear dropped. He was there to hold me close, to speak words of assurance. I could never begin to count how often He has searched for me in my darkest hours. As I rise this day, I give all thanks that our Lord is ever present, waiting on me to call out and welcome Him into my life. Amen. Len

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