Finding Out Who You Are at the Banqueting Table

My eight-year-old, Anna, came into my room in the morning and nuzzled my cheek, cuddling. She said softly, “I don’t know how to explain it, but when I’m with you, what I feel is love. One time when you were sleeping, I saw written here [moving her finger along my cheek], ‘love.’ It was like made out of light or something.”

Wow. My little girl saw the Father’s love literally written on me! When I went to journal this experience, Holy Spirit drove His message home to me even more. Having written down what Anna said, I turned the page to continue writing. Across the entire next side, the creators of this particular journal had splayed the verse, “His banner over me is love!” My eyes grew bigger as my spirit took in His words. Jesus was loving on me with His lavish tenderness.

The reason I share this experience with you is that today He wants to love on you too. Even right now, He wants to draw you into His arms, hold you close, and show you His deep love for you.

Let’s delve together into the Scripture He was highlighting. “He brought me to the banquet room, and his banner over me is love” (Song 2:3, NCV).

This verse is for you. He has fashioned a personal banner… just for you. He has spread it gloriously across the sky over you, telling all of creation who you are. Written indelibly there in the heavenly places is the word that expresses the deep core of His heart for you. “Love.” You are deeply, passionately, tenderly, eternally loved.

Let Him speak these words deeply to your heart today. Ingest them. Drink them. Imbibe them. Eat them. Digest them. Assimilate them into the fabric of your being. Let them become the essence of who you are. His words of everlasting, undying devotion are inscribed as a breathtaking proclamation over you, decreeing exactly who you were created to be. His.



The inspiration for this devo came when my dear friend Stevie Mitchell invited me to write a guest post for her blog. This is what I wrote. It’s the first half of a double post — stay tuned for the second half tomorrow! Also, make sure and check out her blog, Life Happens Around The Table 🙂

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