“This Tumor Is Cancerous…” But God!

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Marcela and Jhon in Lima

This story is especially close to our hearts because it happened to my husband Israel’s cousin, who is very dear to us. These events in Marcela’s life transpired during the last months of 2022, into January of this year:


Marcela motioned nervously to her husband Jhon. “My breast is hurting terribly,” she whispered. He took a look, and his alarm quickly grew to match hers. Overnight, the right breast had swollen to nearly twice its normal size. It had also changed to a strange dark color. “Let’s get you to the clinic!” he burst out.

That began one of the scariest experiences either of them had ever lived through. The doctor looked very worried as he reviewed two scans of her breast. “You have a tumor,” he stated frankly. “It’s growing very quickly. This looks like cancer.” He went on to say that Iquitos did not have the specialty she needed. He wrote her a reference for a doctor in Lima, urging her to get emergency treatment.

Marcela and Jhon were silent as they left his office. Afterwards, they asked each other, “What do we do?” Jhon gathered himself. He took courage and asserted, “We are going after this spiritually, first and foremost.”

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