Emails from God


Leaving the hospital! My waiting room season was finally over!

“But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isa. 40:31, NKJV).

As I sat in the hospital waiting room, waiting arduous hours to be allowed to see Lily, I checked my email. A subject line caught my eye: “Your ‘Waiting Room’ Season Is Coming to an End.” Wow! My spirit leapt in immediate recognition. Holy Spirit was sending me a very personal message through my email. This was a prophetic word released through the Elijah List, and it was one of those times that something sent out to tens of thousands of people was just for me.

I had to smile. What an intimately involved God! And then I smiled even wider when I saw another email in my inbox, a devo from Zondervan. It was by Max Lucado, and it was also about the waiting room. I have it still. It reads:

“Here is what you need to know: While you wait, God works. He’s working for you. ‘Be still, and know that I am God’ reads the sign on God’s waiting room wall… You can be glad because God is good. You can be still because He is active. You can rest because He is busy. All of Heaven is warring on your behalf. Above and around you at this very instant, God’s messengers are at work. Delight yourself in God, and He will bring rest to your soul. You’ll get through this waiting room season just fine.”

And then I just had to giggle. Because there was yet another email that I found soon after that, an article written by Helen Calder. You guessed it. Another word about the waiting room. She wrote, “Today, hear your Father’s invitation, “Come out of the waiting room and into My throne room!”

Through this series of emails, Daddy God was once again inviting me to come up higher, to see things from His perspective. I need to add here: this was only about a week into Lily’s hospitalization. I didn’t know it at the time, but she would be in a coma for another ten days or so, in the ICU for an additional week afterwards, and in the hospital for still another week after that. So, if you were speaking on my terms, “Coming to an End” wasn’t quite the description I would have used. Once again, Daddy was sending me a report from the future.

A question for you, to help you grasp what He showed me about this. Do you have a friend who lives in a significantly different time zone than you? Have you had the experience where it’s night where you are, and already daytime in their part of the world? It’s kinda like that. God is in Heaven’s “time zone,” so to speak. Even if you are still experiencing thick darkness, there in the heavenly realms, in His “time zone,” everything is bright and shiny. Just like daytime is absolutely real in your friend’s time zone even though you can’t feel or see it yet, God’s promises to you are that real.

In fact, heavenly realities are even more real than our earthly ones. They are Real in the fullest sense of the word. I am certainly not denying that what you can take in with your five physical senses is real. It is. Yet, everything around us is so temporary. What lasts forever; that which cannot be shaken, is Real with a capital R. God’s Reality trumps earthly lower-case reality every time. This is why He can so easily alter physical circumstances. They have to bow the knee to His Word. His Reality is that powerful.

The answers to our prayers don’t always happen in the “time zone” that we would prefer, though. I don’t pretend to understand God’s timing, but I trust it with everything in me. When He sent me that email letting me know, “Your waiting room season is coming to an end,” I grabbed a hold of His word to me. After all, he confirmed it a total of three times. Even just a week into our ordeal, in Heaven’s time zone, Lily’s healing was solidly real – even more real than the agonizing ordeal I was walking through. In His time, His Reality was going to become my reality.

Are you going through a fiery trial today? If so, have you received a word from Heaven to hold onto? He always, always has one for us. If you haven’t yet, ask Him what His word is for you in your current season. Ask, and you shall receive. Even ask Him to confirm it to you, as He absolutely loves to provide generous confirmation of His promises, to help establish them in our hearts as we wait. And once you receive that word from Him, hold onto it with all that is within you. His Promise and His Reality will unfailingly trump your own… in His beautifully trustworthy timing. You will get through this, dearly loved child of God!

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Ps. 30:5, NKJV).


Does God sometimes speak to you through your email? What other creative ways does He use to get His personal messages to you?

10 thoughts on “Emails from God

  1. Jennifer, Spirit has given me a word many times in my walk with Jesus. I can not count the number of times three or more confirmations have come in the same day. I read the Word, He confirms what I am thinking, I then turn on the radio, again confirmed and next I get a call or someone stops by and again repeats that which Spirit has put in my heart. At each occurance my heart rejoices and faith grows in leaps and bounds. Nothing else can compare. Amen Len

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    1. Such a big smile is on my face as I read that. I LOVE that experience! I was just telling God this week how much I deeply cherish Him speaking to me. That’s so SO cool how it confirms so abundantly! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Jennifer, it has been a blessing sharing your experience with Lilly. I picture her hanging out with us on the couch not so long ago, full of life and so much fun! I thank God for healing her and letting us experience the precious little girl she is, the joy she brings around people. Stephen still talks about the silly things we got excited about.

    I have had experiences where God spoke – heard a voice one time in one of my most desperate moments filled with fear i heard him say “Be still” I held on to those words and he turned a few days into a great miracle! His time zone is indeed different from ours – i was looking at not having time and He was just smiling saying those are plenty of hours and days for me to come through and He did!

    Other times He spoke through people, readings, and just even thoughts that just come. I have been fortunate that with a group of sisters we do a morning devo and prayers together. Each time i have been asked to lead, He gives me first a word and as i go by the day, he keeps putting things in my heart to share regarding that word, then i start to write what ever comes to mind and later organize those thoughts to flow. I used to read your devos where you talk about daddy God dropping words in your spirit and i did not understand it. I praise God now i know what that meant – He is an amazing God, He speaks to us what we need to hear!

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    1. Gladys, it delights my heart to hear how He speaks to you! Isn’t His voice just the most beautiful thing we could possibly hear?? What a rich blessing your group of sisters much be, I rejoice with you for that 🙂 And WOW about when He brought peace to your heart and made the fear go! Hallelujah! Thank you, with all my heart, for sharing in our joy about Lily. I’ll never be able to adequately express all my gratitude to the Father!!


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