Showing Us Daddy: He Healed Them All


Lily enjoying the Pacific Ocean, just a few months after waking from the coma

(Note: I’m ready to start sharing with you about everything I experienced and learned from our harrowing ordeal of Lily’s month-long hospitalization last year. Right afterwards was too soon; the trauma was too fresh. But Daddy has been healing my heart, and I believe that He now wants to use this for His glory. Although I will admit, writing this brought some deep tears up out of me, remembering.)


“God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him” (Acts 10:38, NKJV).

“When the sun was setting, all those who had any that were sick with various diseases brought them to Him; and He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them” (Luke 4:40, NKJV).

I grasped Lily’s motionless hand, stroking it softly. I stared into her pale face, tubes protruding from her mouth and nose. Machines beeped, providing air and nutrients that were keeping her alive. My voice wobbled as I sang to her in between my tears. The ICU nurses tiptoed around us solemnly. Now and then, one of them would put her hand on my shoulder, attempting to impart comfort. More than once they said to me with heavy gravity, “If God wills, your daughter will live.”

If God wills…” I would smile politely. But inside myself, I lifted my spirit to my Daddy, and cried out, “I thank you that it is Your will! It’s always Your will to heal Your children!” And I would turn to Lily and continue to declare His promises of life and healing over her.

Of course, this went on day after day after day. Yet another day, and the doctor would tell us again that their prolonged efforts to get her breathing on her own weren’t working. The nurses looked increasingly solemn.

I’m not going to deny, there was a fierce battle going on within me. The Bible rightly calls it, “the fight of faith.” I was in the midst of a life and death battle, fighting, holding onto what God reveals about Himself in Scripture, and what He has revealed about Himself to my heart of hearts: He IS our Healer. Healing is His very nature. It’s not just something He does. It’s who He is.

Meditate for a moment on the two Scriptures I’ve shared today, above. They, and plentiful similar ones throughout the gospels, share how Jesus healed every single person who came to Him. I have poured over the text, and I have not found one story that’s an exception. Not one story where He said to someone, “Hang in there. It’s not My will to heal you because this sickness is purifying your character. Be strong. When you get to heaven, you will have your healing.”

You see it up there in Luke 4:40? He healed “every one of them.” Every one. Who is this Jesus, this Savior who lavishes healing on all the broken that turn to Him?

“The Son is the image of the invisible God” (Col. 1:15, NIV).

“The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being” (Heb. 1:3, NIV).

The exact representation, my precious friend. Jesus came to show us exactly what Daddy is like. He could have just come to earth to die and be raised again, but He didn’t. He took the extra time to show us. He came to model for us – at a level we could see and touch and feel and grasp – the nature of God.

“No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father’s side, has made him known” (John 1:18, NIV).

It is my deep, deep conviction that Daddy God always wants to heal. He wants to heal every one of us, just like He healed every one of them. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He does not change. He who has seen the beautiful Healer Jesus, has seen the Father.

In two weeks, Lily will be turning seven years old. I am grateful, way beyond possible expression, to have the opportunity to celebrate another birthday with her. Daddy God answered our prayers. How He delights to heal us! He is a good, good Daddy, and He had mercy on me.


Have you experienced supernatural healing, or watched it in someone close to you? I’d love to hear about your experience!

35 thoughts on “Showing Us Daddy: He Healed Them All


    “It is my deep, deep conviction that Daddy God always wants to heal. He wants to heal every one of us, just like He healed every one of them. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He does not change. He who has seen the beautiful Healer Jesus, has seen the Father”

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      1. I also have that faith, I have tremendous faith, lived life in extremis. Yet, at the same time, I still have blind friends, crippled ones, those with cancers, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. I have been healed from a life in a wheelchair myself, the signature on ECG after a heart attack was quite prominent one day, gone the next morning. Sometimes, it takes more than just our faith, as if faith alone could fix all, we’d never needed God.

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      2. You are so right, Pete. How vitally important is it for us to understand that our faith and reliance is to be on God Himself, not on our own faith. I am deeply sorry for the suffering of your friends, too, and I know God cares so much more than even we could. May He give them comfort and strength, and may He continue to minister to you His amazing love every day. Much grace and peace to you, my friend. ❤


  2. I totally agree with you that it is the very nature of God to heal and restore. We have experienced this in our family and I am so glad your daughter was spared.

    But, sometimes, believers (even young ones) suffer. And, with the exception of the Second Coming, we will all die at some point. I think we have to hope and pray when affliction comes. God is able. But, we cannot succumb to despair or, worse, guilt if healing doesn’t come the way we want it to. It’s a matter of spiritual balance.

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    1. How true, Nora! God always wants the best for us. His timing may not be what we’d like it to be (I want my children healed YESTERDAY.) but the testing of our faith produces perseverance (James 1:3).
      Years ago I found myself railing at God because the neighbors’ cat I had run over at 35 mph got resurrected after one prayer, and I had been praying for my daughter with migraines for 12 years and had not seen her healed yet. (I was actually shaking my fist and saying, “Someday we’re going to meet face to face, and You are going to explain to me why …!”)
      He was SO kind. Instead of hitting me with a well-deserved bolt of lightning, He waited for me to calm down, and then whispered to my heart, “You don’t have to wait, I’ll explain it now.”
      (SPOILER ALERT) (The beginning of this story is in the intro to my book but the story isn’t finished until the chapter on spiritual warfare. 😉 ) As I set my heart on trusting Him and listening, He told me that there was a battle going on for my daughter, but Satan hadn’t cared about the cat.
      As I thought about it, it occurred to me that if Satan had been attacking my daughter since she was four years old, she must be a threat to him. … And that is actually pretty cool. So I decided to try not to complain but just keep fighting for her.
      Jennifer, I don’t know what God’s plan is for Lily, but it seems to me the devil is giving her a run for her money. Hang in there, keep fighting on your knees, and God will have His way. I have a feeling He is going to do awesome things with her life! (Do keep us posted!)

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      1. Ann, thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts and your story. That is POWERFUL insight that God gave you, about the fight in spiritual places. What a vitally important truth that applies in so many areas where we are fighting the good fight of faith. So often there is an invisible battle raging, and God is fighting for us!! Oh how He loves us! Thank you with all my heart for your encouraging words about Lily’s destiny. I am deeply convinced of that. She has such a special spirit, always singing throughout the day, and she sure loves Jesus. I’ll never be able to express my gratitude well enough. How old is your daughter now?

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    2. I am deeply in agreement with you, Nora. Jesus would never EVER want us to feel guilty or despairing. He shares with us His healing nature for the very opposite end, to show us how indescribably good He is. The more deeply we connect with that revelation, the more His healing flows 🙂

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      1. To answer your question, Jennifer, my daughter is 27 now. She went through some dark times of despair, wondering how she would be able to finish school, maintain a relationship, and endure so much pain. But now she has a master’s degree, a loving, godly husband, and a career as a massage therapist, helping hurting people feel better. Her faith is strong, and even though she still has migraines every once in a while, they don’t drive her to despair like before. By the way, I have never once heard her blame God for her suffering, although she has been frustrated with people for their lack of understanding. (Mama Bear has been upset with them, too!) Unlike the people around her who were judging her, she came to the realization at a very young age that not all pain is visible on the outside. I believe that has given her compassion., and a deep satisfaction every time someone thanks her for “fixing” their pain.

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  3. Jesus healed in Galilee and Judea, and I know Jesus still heals today. But he delayed with the Canaanite woman. He allowed Job to suffer. He allowed Paul his thorn in the flesh. A Day is coming when all the dead will be raised and everyone will be healed. Today we trust God’s timing, knowing that God can work a miracle, but he will do it on his schedule and in his way. J.

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    1. He delayed for only the shortest moment with her, though. And Job was born before the New Covenant and the stripes of Jesus born for our healing. And Paul’s tormenter was a demonic spirit, not anything the Bible specifiies as a sickness. I only mention these these things not to be argumentative, but because, if we don’t know that healing is always God’s will, then how can we have faith for it? I never, ever, EVER will condemn anyone for being sick — I’d have to first condemn myself and all those I love the most, but from what I have lived and observed, the more we are convinced of the beautiful truth that He longs to heal us, the more we step into what He purchased for us. Imperfectly, by baby steps, but He celebrates each and every baby step! Much love to you, J., I so appreciate you taking the time to join in the conversation and share your valuable thoughts. Rich grace and peace to you today and always!


  4. All life experiences when lived in the Light of God bring Glory to His Name. Knowing Him means He is a part of all the hills and all the valleys. A wonderful testimony! It was an incredible journey.

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    1. Thank you so very much! Also for sharing your blog with me. I’ve been having some Internet difficulties, so want to make sure you were able to get the comment I put on your newest post. In case it didn’t go through for some reason, this is what I said: “What a precious day you had, my sister! You have beautifully shared here the joy of walking in the Spirit through the day. That joy is contagious! I’m sharing it with you 🙂 :)”

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