While We’re Talking About My Books…

Have you dreamed of going on an exotic journey with God? Something far away from the familiarity of your routine… the kind of quest mystic tales are made of? The kind that pulls on your passions and kindles an inextinguishable fire in your soul?

I want to invite you into my world… the world of a missionary living in the exquisitely beautiful Amazon Jungle of Peru. Would you join me on a life-changing excursion? Come, read my story. Share with me in some unforgettable adventures with Jesus – in one of the most extraordinary places on earth. This encounter with Him will alter you forever.

Are you ready?

I never before shared a post about my first book, which is a memoir of my missionary adventures. You will be blessed.

It’s available on Amazon HERE.

Book Memoir


“This enthralling account provides a unique window into the intriguing life experiences of a modern-day missionary living in the jungles of Peru. You will find yourself caught up in the thrill of cross-cultural encounter, while drawn into the heartfelt reflection of a life poured out unto God. Whatever mission God has for you, this book will entice you to begin your own adventure. Jeannie and I love and admire the life and ministry of Jennifer Arimborgo–after this read you will too!”

-Pastor Phil Munsey, Chairmen of Champion Network,
Affiliated Churches with Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen

“I have had the tremendous privilege of observing Jennifer’s journey in Iquitos, Peru from the beginning. Hers is truly a life poured out for the glory of God. This memoir paints a vivid picture of her struggles, joys and triumphs, enhanced by rich lessons learned along the way. She will draw you irresistibly into her world. Though many of us will never serve on a foreign mission field, allow these enlightening stories to inspire you to live a poured out life right where God has called you.”

-Pastor Dawn Beard,
Founder of Awaken the Nations Ministries


Amazon.com Reviews:”This book made me laugh, cry, chuckle, say “wow,” and more importantly, made me reflect on my on walk with Jesus. It is such an inspiring and encouraging read! The truth of God’s word, who He is and His promises come to life in Jennifer’s experiences. She painted a picture of what may seem like an intimidating concept–pouring out one’s life–as an intimate journey; one that always highlights her close walk with Jesus. Whether you are in ministry or not, I highly recommend you read this book. I believe that as Jennifer tells her stories, you will discover along the way, as she has, the truth of God’s word and how REAL HE IS.”  –Christine Cruz

“This is probably the most inspiring book I have ever read! Reading about the reality and miraculous power of God and how He is moving in the Amazon Jungle continued to amaze me through each story Jennifer shared. Their life is anything but ordinary and you will quickly realize that after the first few pages. After reading it I honestly feel so encouraged and inspired in my own journey to pour out my life for God, and I’m sure others will feel the same. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! Also, love the way Jennifer writes–makes the book really nice to read and hard to put down!” –Chloé Morgan

“I could not put this book down. Jennifer, Israel and their family lovingly sacrifice convenience and comfort to live a life that glorifies the Lord in a powerful way. This book makes you feel like you are in the Amazon Jungle experiencing life with Jennifer and her family. Powerful! Thank you Jennifer and Israel for your sacrifice in bringing the gospel to places most of us would never dare to go and for bringing it to life for us! I bought one copy for myself and one for my daughter. It looks like I am going to have to stock up for Christmas now that I have read the book. God bless!”

–Happy Customer

“I absolutely love this book! It’s so beautifully written. I love the stories, I love the heart behind it. I’ve had the incredible privilege to meet Jennifer and she’s incredible. So genuine, so kind, and it was amazing to be able to read her story. It’s an incredibly powerful read. I was in tears and so touched by the stories and how great our God is! –Brenda Ramirez

44 thoughts on “While We’re Talking About My Books…

  1. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing all the Lord has done in your life. To reveal to the world, that which God has done and continues to do in your days, is such a special honor to those who read your words. I will most assuredly acquire your book for myself, Linda and my dear sister. Love in Christ Jesus. Len Wisniewski

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  2. Oh my good graces Jennifer, that’s such a precious message. I adore seeing you in the video (that’s the first thing I have to say haha) — I can feel your passion profoundly and I know that book is going to be something else to read and share 👍😄

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      1. Aww you’re welcome pata 🙌✌✌😄. I know your blog has probably moved along but I just wanted to let you know that I read what you said and I took it to heart 🎈🤩🤩

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      2. lol thank you Pata, I wish the exact same to you as well.

        I’m very much in the spirit, I may not have a red-nosed Rain Deer but i’m ready for a white christmas with lots of colorful lights and nativity scenes 😂😂 . Thank God for small blessings 🙏👌👌

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      3. hahaa, Jennifer you took the words right out of my mind — there really is no other day of the year like it.

        And It arrives so slow ⏰⏰ but comes to an end so fast 🏁🏃‍😂😂

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      4. Awww you’re so awesome Jennifer 💕. You are welcome and thank you for also sharing your lesions with me,; i’ve learned alot from you aswell about many things 🙏⭐✔

        I’m looking forward to sharing life with you in 2020 Pata 2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣🙌😂

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      5. haha yes I can’t wait!, it’s been a pleasure being with you in spirit 🙌🙏👼.

        Even though we are nowhere near each other, I always feel blessed just reading your words and chatting with you <3.

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      6. Hey, wonderful seeing you again pata ✌✌😄.

        Taking time off from the blogworld allowed your beauty and heart to bless the realworld so i’m glad you did haha

        I’m doing excellent my friend, thanks for asking. 2020 is here but i’m not intimidated — i’m going to make this year mines 💯🎆👍😂

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      7. Haha yes indeed. Plus it’s awesome seeing your richly rejuvenating posts and perspectives yet again so early in the year Jennifer.

        It’s like having hot chocolate or coffee early in the morning — hits the spot 🤣🤣.

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      8. Aww thanks Jennifer — always good to see you my friend 💖 💌.

        2020 is going momentous for me — I don’t have any regrets so far 😂😂. I’m just taking things one step at a time and enjoying the little things because in the end, the little blessing do add up lol

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      9. Going well, Pata. I needed to recover from our intense travel schedule, but I’m feeling myself now. Also having a time of fasting to draw close to God and dedicate the year to Him, and that’s been really good 🙂 Thanks for asking!

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      10. Hey, you’re welcome pata 👍👍. And that sounds like quite the traveling my friend — good to know that you took the time to look after yourself because being on the move can take its toll 😄. Plus it’s only the start of 2020 and we don’t want to run out of steam yet hahaha

        Wow how interesting pata. Fasting is something I have tried on a few occasions personally, last year. It is demanding at first, but it looks like something that once you get accustomed to it, you would be able to do it like it’s second-nature lol.

        Mines was done with the purpose of endurance and cleansing/health in mind at that time 😂😂, but what you said is so true, there is another meaningful purpose for fasting, which is indeed about drawing closer to the almighty an getting to really appreciate many of the things we take for granted.

        P.S: sorry for the lengthier than usual comment lol

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      11. No worries! I enjoy reading your thoughts. That’s awesome that you got to try out too. Did it work for you as hoped?

        And, amen to pacing ourselves for the long haul! 2020 has yet much in store! Here’s to the adventure!

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      12. Awww good to know that Pata 💕💕.

        lol when I tried fasting I wanted to get an actual full whole day of fasting, so what I did was start to fast from around 8PM on the night of one day and then on the next day I would try to go the entire day on that day without eating any food or drinking anything except water. And then the fast would actually end on the following day at midday.

        I did the fast in this manner because I was of the view that it isn’t a real fast for me if i’m not hungry, and that it’s only a real fast if I actually become hungry but I refuse the temptation to actually drink a beverage or eat for a prolonged period of time.

        It went successfully 👍😄. I didn’t have any medical or health related issues as a result, and I actually found myself slowly becoming accustomed to it in the sense that I didn’t actually miss food (or had any desire to “cheat” 😂😂), and I didn’t become that concerned that I was depriving myself from eating a day or two when I was hungry hahaa.

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      13. hahaa yes it was indeed; I definitely wouldn’t mind doing it again.

        And that is awesome Jennifer 👍😄, sometimes we are alot more capable and resilient than we think and it takes situations like these to push our selves and then we find out lol

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      14. YES profoundly spoken words Jennifer; couldn’t agree more. Once we let the holy father take control we can maneuver around until the wheels fall off, and even when the wheels erode, the wings of grace we gain through his majesty, carries us even further than expected 😂😂.

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      15. Yes it was love 😂💕🙌🎄. It was exhilerating to have such great fun with so many people I care about all under the same roof, and just enjoying the atmosphere and environemnt — you just can’t beat it ❄☃😄.

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