Just One Word from His Mouth

Prayer with Bible

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4b, NKJV).

So much power, depth, nuance, and meaning emanate from just one word flowing out of God’s mouth! This morning I wrote down in my journal four verses that Holy Spirit brought to my attention. I put each one in a different color and underlined the specific phrases that were going deep into my spirit. Then I just sat there in the silence with Him and stared at His words. They were so alive! It felt like an IV from Heaven feeding directly into my being. I stayed there for quite a while, marinating in His communication.

There is something emphatically impactful about isolating and examining one small piece of Scripture. This is why we habitually find solitary verses at the head of devotionals like this one. What an enriching opportunity this provides us for meditation!

I personally receive several different devos in my email every morning. With wonderful frequency, I open them up and the single verse at the top jumps into my heart as I read it. I may or may not read the commentary underneath, but that one verse, in all of its riches, is often enough to set the tone for my entire day. It’s different than reading a whole passage of the Bible. There really is something special about taking just one word from God’s mouth and allowing it to impart all of its height and depth and length and width into our heart of hearts.

The more intimately that we walk with Daddy, the more He will create in us a natural draw towards savoring everything and anything of meaning and beauty. We will pause frequently to hold onto a hug from one of our loved ones, to drink in the essence of the moment, to capture it in our heart for permanent keeping. This will also become our approach to God’s holy Word.

Since Jesus the Word is infinite, every single line that He recorded for us through His Spirit has measureless depths of meaning. I have been reading, studying, and meditating on His logos (written word) since I was nine years old. In my experience, each reading gets richer, and deeper, and fuller, and sweeter.

Today, I want to encourage you to take a deep draught of just one word from the mouth of God. If you read a chapter of the Bible, let Holy Spirit lead you to just one verse from that chapter. When you have gotten to the end of your reading, try writing that one verse down. Give yourself at least five minutes to soak in that single verse. Read it out loud multiple times. Memorize it. You could even write it on a little piece of paper to keep in your pocket all day. This will allow you to purposefully pull it out when you are waiting in line at the store, or have a minute in between activities. In every possible way, ruminate on that Scripture over and over again.

Do you realize that, in this way, you are stewarding His personal message to you? Let it dwell in you richly. Let it continue to stir in you. Let it become part of the very fabric of your being. Holy Spirit has SO MUCH to say to you through that one word from Daddy God’s heart!


What is one Scripture that Holy Spirit has been breathing on for you recently? What practical steps can you take to make sure that word from His heart gets into the core of you?


26 thoughts on “Just One Word from His Mouth

  1. Quite beautiful and a challenge in itself…Never said better….”…but by every word that proceeds from His mouth…” …literally means God is always at work in our lives as we solely depend on every word that proceeds from His mouth which He does continuously upon our lives…

    To God be the glory always.

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  2. You described quite well what Catholics refer to as Lectio Divina, a prayerful reading of Scripture in which a single word or phrase is focused on intently.
    Lately for me, Paul’s admonition to “seek the things that are above” has stayed with me, and by extension, how well I use the time in which I’m not in church to seek those things. If we’re serious about seeking Him, it’s gotta be part of everyday life, right?

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    1. Absolutely! Lord, may we be more and more taken with the things that are above!
      I appreciate you pointing that out about Lectio Divina. I’d heard that term before but did not know what it referred to. The learning continues 🙂

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  3. I love the idea of meditating on one word from the “Word.” Even one word from Abba makes a huge difference. Love this excerpt from you, “The more intimately that we walk with Daddy, the more He will create in us a natural draw towards savoring everything and anything of meaning and beauty.”

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    1. That verse has SO much meaning, life, and power! I have an app for Christian meditation, that every time I open it, there’s a screen that says “Be still” for a prolonged moment before it goes onto the next part. I love it every time!


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