God’s Pursuit of Communication with You

Light shaft in cave

“The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught” (Isa. 50:4, NIV).

The other night, I heard a preacher exclaim, “God, do You watch football?!” He was expressing his surprise over the fact that Daddy was speaking to him through the game he was watching. Similarly, yesterday I was reading an article by another minister who heard from the Lord through the horse race he was watching. And shortly after that, a dear friend of mine shared how He had spoken to her through a tv program she had on.

I have noticed a pattern. Whatever it is that has my attention, Holy Spirit will use it as a platform to speak to me through. I used to spend quite a bit of time on Twitter. During that season, He downloaded some profoundly meaningful messages to me through tweets that I viewed. These days, I prefer Instagram. Guess what He often uses to tell me things now? Yep. Instagram. Of course, He uses a whole bunch of other things too, but Instagram is one of them. This is simply because Instagram is one of the platforms that has some of my attention.

The bottom line is, God is always talking. He is an eager communicator. He delights in sharing His heart and thoughts with us, immeasurably more than we could even begin to imagine. When He finds someone who wants to listen, He is overjoyed!

So what are the pastimes that you enjoy? Have you thought about inviting Him to commune with you in the midst of them? Whatever it is that occupies your time and attention – ask Him to come into it. Ask Him to be a part. Ask for ears to hear whatever He would like to share with you as you participate together in that activity. You just might be surprised at how creative He can get, in getting His message across to you!


In what surprising or unexpected way has God communicated with you in your day to day life?

34 thoughts on “God’s Pursuit of Communication with You

  1. Such a blessing, your posts! Thank you for sharing the messages that come from your heart. And yes, God is talking to us all the time, and wants us to know that He is always there listening. I love that God is with us in the big things and the little things. No detail is too silly to talk about, and no worry is too small. As the song goes, “What a friend we have in Jesus…all our worries, all our cares.”

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    1. Yes! What a precious, precious song that is! I absolutely LOVE all the new worship music that keeps coming out, but some of those old hymns are just so exceedingly special, profound, beautiful, and irreplaceable. Thank you, too, for taking the time to share, Linda. His many rich blessings to you today! 🙂 ❤

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  2. God will always has something to say to us. But before we can hear from Him we must be ready to listen and obey. I’m sure God doesn’t just speak to a deaf ear. The disciples of Jesus spent over 3years with Him yet Jesus still told them that He has many things to say unto them. If I spent 3months with a friend at least I should have known almost everything about him. But the case is not with God. God will always has something to say. Thanks for this great post🙏

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    1. That is some GREAT perspective, Chris. So, so wonderfully true. As He is an infinite God, He will never, ever run out of new things to teach and say and reveal to us! Oh to explore His infinite depths more and more! To hear His lovely voice more and more constantly!

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  3. Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The bottom line is, God is always talking. He is an eager communicator. He delights in sharing His heart and thoughts with us, immeasurably more than we could even begin to imagine. When He finds someone who wants to listen, He is overjoyed!

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  4. Amen! God is the great communicator; so great in fact that He uses things at our level to grab our attention. I find in this season of life He speaks to me in some of my ‘leisure’ reading times. I enjoy reading of the history of the United States and I often find myself marveling at the way Holy Spirit reveals Himself to me as I look at past events, usually in “that had to have been a God-moment’ types of ways.
    As I ponder your wonderful post, I wonder how many times I have missed what He has wanted to communicate to me because I was too deeply involved in whatever had my attention. Going forward, I will still be blessed to enjoy things, but I will do so with my ears, eyes and heart more open to His leading.
    Blessings to you Jennifer,

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  5. Sooooo true that God is always speaking. We’re learning how to listen to His wonderful guidance. He has spoken to us so much these last months and it makes us realize how much we’ve missed in months past because we weren’t listening.

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  6. A thought provoking post. Yes, indeed God can use all our distractions to speak
    to us. A love for Him means that in all things we must be open to hear His Voice. Like your writer above, I know He has given us many things to enhance our journey on this earth. We can be blessed but we must never close our ears, eyes and heart to what God may be wanting us to be and do. Blessings!

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  7. I like that He’s willing to meet us where we are! I’ve heard him when one single line in a song repeats on a continuous loop in my head. (Though Paul Anika’s “She’s Havin’ My Baby” really had me stumped yesterday! 😂) and I hear Him sometimes in the words I find coming out of my own mouth, taking ME by surprise. And often in my sleep-it’s the only time I’m not thinking and He can finally get a word in edgewise!

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    1. Lol about that Paul Anika song! Maybe He was talking about something new He wants to birth spiritually through you! I also love your other two examples. I relate to that — being surprised by something He speaks through my mouth. And that is such a key truth, that He enjoys speaking to us while we’re sleeping; such a strategic time when He can bypass the busyness of our minds!

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      1. By the way, when I was reading your posts just now, the website invited me to follow your blog. I was puzzled because I thought I was already following it. I pressed “follow” again just to be sure. But then I remembered that I got your recent post in my email, so I know I was already following it. Trying to figure that out!

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