The Overwhelmingly Mighty Force at Your Disposal

Light in tree

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Rom. 12:21, ESV).

For Force A to overcome Force B, Force A must be stronger than Force B. Does evil seem like a powerful force in the world around you? We learn from this verse that it’s actually the weaker force. Good is so overwhelmingly mighty that it overcomes evil. Every time. Overcome the weaker force with the greater. “Overcome evil with good.”

Try this. Go into a dark room. Flip on the light switch. Is there any way the darkness can argue? “No, I don’t want to leave?” Can it linger? Can it protest? Can it resist? No way! Light comes in, and there is simply no more darkness. In the same way, when good comes into the scene, evil is eradicated.

How does this apply in a practical sense? Plug in specific terms into this verse, terms that relate to whatever circumstance you are facing:

  • Overcome anger by living out forgiveness.
  • Overcome judgment by living out mercy.
  • Overcome betrayal by living out covenant loyalty.
  • Overcome selfishness by living out sacrificial love.

Whatever the particular brand of evil, the corresponding good is ALWAYS more powerful. Always.

Overcome evil with good.


How have you seen good overcome evil in your own life?

12 thoughts on “The Overwhelmingly Mighty Force at Your Disposal

  1. Sure, when I came to the realization that if one wants true, lasting peace, there is only one source. The realization that we are all pilgrims on our way to paradise also contributes to peace, as you realize that much of the stuff we worry about is just temporary. Jesus is eternal. Peace and love– Mike

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  2. In times past Jennifer, I have not only viewed evil personified but have allowed it’s dominant power to overwhelm me. As I have grown in Christ and surrendered my fears, doubts and concerns to the Holy Spirit, I was and am able to stand strong and therefore watch the LIGHT of God prevail. This is a most excellent and encouraging thing. A real faith builder. Len W.

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  3. WOW! It is truth that even a pinprick of light makes darkness lighter. In the radiant LIGHT of Christ (Goodness, faithfulness, Persistence and most of all DIVINE LOVE) In His Name may we all learn to be His Light in the dark places of this often rising evil world. Blessings to you all.

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