A Good Daddy Who Loves to Answer Prayers

Hi brothers and sisters! Another announcement – our first missions team for the summer arrived this weekend from Arkansas! So much fun! The next couple months will be some of our busiest of the year, hosting team after team, so I will have less time available for writing. In lieu of my usual devos, I will be posting quick devotional thoughts. If I’m able to do an occasional longer one I will, depending on how it all goes. (The new podcast will continue during that time.) In August I will be back to my usual length – just wanted to let you know!  Here is the first quick one:


Daddy little girl

“You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it” (John 14:14, NIV).

“…I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation” (Ps. 5:3b, NIV).

When you present your requests to God, do you do so with expectation? Are you expecting Him to answer? Is your heart full of anticipation for how His goodness will manifest to you? Are you drawing near to His throne of grace with confidence, with the full assurance of faith? Do you come to Him as a little child approaching her overwhelmingly loving Daddy – knowing full well that He delights in her and relishes listening to her requests? Do you look up into His tender, dancing eyes and ask Him the questions on your heart, looking forward to His eager answers and generous explanations? Do you know that talking to you is one of the things He most cherishes?

14 thoughts on “A Good Daddy Who Loves to Answer Prayers

  1. While I’m never shy about asking God for a desire of some sort, I must balance the desire against the hardest four words in the English language– Thy Will be done. As the ultimate Good Parent, He knows that what we want and what we need are sometimes two different things. And I trust Him to give me what He feels is best, even if it is contrary to my request.

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  2. Like a little child may we all ever come to Abba Father. In Him alone because of Calvary we have this special ‘connection. Thank you for reminder. Blessings!

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  3. I like the short ones. My attention span is shrinking! 😀 As I get more and more blogs I want to read, I like gleaning gems instead of mining gold. 😀 I always enjoy you, Jennifer. You do what God directs.

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  4. The power of prayer is amplified when we can pray for others.

    Jennifer, I feel so humbled when the prayers of many work as a testament of faith directed to our Father. He answers prayers according to His plan. Prayer keeps us patient and focused.

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