The Joy that You Bring Him


“Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Does she not light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.’ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:8-10, NIV).

Recently, I had an experience that brought this parable home to me in a new way. Several months ago, I suddenly noticed that my Indiana driver’s license was AWOL. This document is crucial for our family’s trips to the U.S., so I was troubled when I discovered it missing. I thought maybe it had fallen out in one of my drawers, and began the search.

For months, I hunted for my license. I emptied out many large drawers full of stuff, trying to find it. I researched what it would take to replace it online. The BMV required driver’s license number for this purpose, which I didn’t have memorized. I made more than one call, hoping for a different way, to no avail. I would have to go into their office in person, they said. My brain was rushing – We won’t have time to deal with this when we get there next time! Will I have to make a whole extra, expensive trip to the U.S. to solve this problem?

Then, in a quiet moment, Holy Spirit nudged me. Go look again. Suddenly, He gave me knowledge I didn’t have before. Your wallet is broken. I picked it up and explored the depths of one of the pockets with my finger. This is when I realized that the fabric had ripped, allowing the license to slip into the “innards” of the wallet. It had been there all along!

I immediately experienced a blast of relieved happiness. In fact, the rush of delighted emotions that washed over me was striking. I really can’t overstate to you how much it meant to me to make this discovery, with Holy Spirit’s help. I was profoundly grateful that He intervened and put a sudden, total halt to my frustrating need to search.

Just like in the Bible story, I wanted to call up my loved ones and have them rejoice with me! I did immediately message my best friend and share the good news with her. And then this parable dropped into my mind and spirit. In that moment, I felt the Lord saying,

You see why I put that story into the book of Luke? You are experiencing just the tiniest bit of what I experience when one of My children comes back to Me. You feel delighted? I feel ecstatic!!! My own euphoria is boundless. It goes infinitely beyond what words can adequately express.

That reminds me. I remember my pastor, years ago, talking about this parable. He pointed out that this passage says the rejoicing is “in the presence” of the angels. If you read closely, you see that it’s not the angels Jesus was referring to as gleeful. It’s Daddy God! He is the One rejoicing in their presence!

The truth we learn here applies to Daddy’s connection with you and me, too. You know how sometimes we allow guilt over our failings to keep us from His presence? And then His beautiful Holy Spirit woos us back to His waiting arms? This parable is about us too. Unbounded, ebullient, inexpressible joy fills Him up to overflowing when we return to His embrace.

So, in conclusion, hear this. You, dear one. You bring your Daddy far more joy than you know.


Have you ever found something you thought was lost for good? Can you relate to this parable?



25 thoughts on “The Joy that You Bring Him

  1. I rejoice and must say YES! I have lost track of the many times I have lost and others around me have lost something of value, Jennifer. The end result for me is giving thanks to God, even when others do not see it that way. What they do not know is that God is always please to be a part of our joy in life. Sometimes, the Lord uses very practical ways of locating our little treasures but I have seen “MIRACLES” take place in a moment. Amen
    ” I was LOST but now I am found ! ” Len Wisniewski

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  2. Yes I can surely relate! Some years ago, my wife and I were visiting our youngest at college. The small town has one motel, so we stayed there. Arriving quite late in the evening, we checked in and put our few bags in the room. I went back to lock the car, and my keys were gone! We always travel with a second set, so no worries. However, I still began a frantic search for the missing set. I back-tracked all my steps, went to the office to ask if anyone had brought them in and thoroughly tore apart our room, all to no avail. When the weekend was over. Betsy and I returned home, with only one set of keys.
    I went to the car dealer and ordered new keys, at the cost of $125. How I wished my frantic search had turned them up when I paid that bill!
    Nearly a year later, I prepared for another overnight trip and retrieved my small suitcase from the attic. As I pulled the handle out to wheel it into the house, the lost keys appeared. They had somehow fallen down the smallest possible opening and out of sight and detection.
    My frantic search for the keys was brought to mind, and as He did so, Holy Spirit reminded that at no time during my crazed search had I asked God for guidance. I had plowed on ahead, determined to find them, honestly never even considered praying for help. Holy Spirit reminded me then, as your post does today, that nothing is beyond our need to pray about.

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    1. Smiling with joy from Holy Spirit as I read your story. Life never ceases to be a school in Him! I enjoyed that, Chuck, and your application too. Thank you, as always, for bringing your experiences and insights to share with us! 🙂

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  3. As I read that scripture, Matthew 7:7-8 came to mind. We must seek for salvation. It’s like when John the Baptist told the Pharisees and Sadducees to “bring fruits worthy of repentance” it’s part of daily taking up our cross and following after Him!

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  4. I have had this in one really neat story, which I’ll share when I’m not pecking on my phone. 😉 This is so awesome, knowing that we are constantly seen! It reminds me of when Peter had given up on fishing for the day and Jesus told him to go out further and try again. I think when we’ve already “tried everything “ and “looked everywhere “ that we’ll know it was God, because we’ve done everything HUMANLY possible. Thanks, Jennifer!

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    1. That makes me chuckle happily. SO true! When we get to the end of our human resources, He is right there, smiling lovingly and asking, “Are you ready for Me to help?” 😀 Thank you for that, LaRonda. 🙂 I very much look forward to hearing your story!


  5. Thank you Jennifer. I thank God indeed for the miracle recovery of my engagement ring on the Isle of Guernsey in 2013. A dog found it on a beach as the tide was coming in. I was devastated when it was missing and the miracle of its recovery brought me to my knees in thanksgiving. The two police folk who were present when I claimed it were both brought to tears and I told them about the prayer. (We had been visiting because of our 40 years of marriage and David bought me an eternity ring from a little jewellery shop. Imagine my horror when I found I had the new ring but the engagement ring had dropped off…….somewhere as we had walked the miles of cliffs to return to the hotel. One in a lifetime but I knew GOD at that time as the GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. Blessings and thank you again Jennifer.

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    1. Wow! What an incredibly special story! I know you must treasure that memory of His faithfulness and the expression of His tender love and care, so very deeply. You have blessed me very much by sharing it. Thank you!!


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