The Prayer You No Longer Pray

“But the angel said to him, ‘Do not be afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John’” (Luke 1:13, ESV).

Let’s think about this for a moment. Just six verses earlier, we learn that Zechariah and Elizabeth are both “advanced in years” (v. 7). They are elderly. White hair frames their wizened faces and their steps are slow and measured. The age when childbearing naturally happens has long ago come and gone for them. It has left them, painfully, without any children. So, would this old man (as he called himself in the conversation with Gabriel) have been praying, still, for a son?

Probably not. For years, no doubt they had sought this blessing with tears, beseeching Heaven with groans that words cannot express. However, menopause mercilessly came anyway. I can only imagine that that those once passionate pleas had petered off into silent sadness. After enduring decades of heartbreaking infertility, they had most likely resigned themselves to barrenness and empty arms.

What prayer, then, was Gabriel referring to? A closer look at the Greek gives us a hint. The word for “prayer” there is deesis, and can be translated, “prayer you don’t even pray anymore.”*

What an astounding thought! The Lord is even in the business of answering prayers that we have long since stopped praying! When hope has been deferred so long that it has died within our souls, our prayers live on still in our Daddy’s heart. The eternal God has not forgotten the heart wrenching petitions that we poured out in His presence.

Zechariah and Elizabeth had long ago grieved the death of their dream for offspring. So can you imagine what a shock it must have been to see aging Elizabeth’s abdomen actually begin to swell? What overwhelming amazement must have been theirs, to feel Baby John’s little feet kicking from within her womb!

Daddy God has surprises of this same caliber planned for you. Resurrected hope is one of the many breathtaking themes of the Christmas story. Today He wants to breathe new life into prayers that have faded into silence on your lips.

Lean in and sense His heart. He deeply delights in bringing dreams to life that we have long since given up on. Is there a prayer that you once prayed with anguished tears, that you have let go of? In this moment, let this verse sink into your spirit: “Your prayer has been heard…”

*The Passion Translation, Luke and Acts, p. 11, footnote d.


Have you had the experience of God answering a prayer that you had stopped praying?

14 thoughts on “The Prayer You No Longer Pray

  1. Wow Jennifer! I have never studied this out, how Awesome is our God! As one who is often called to prayers of intercession, I confess that the latest call will often push the others from my mind. What a blessing to know that NEVER happens to our Father!

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  2. Praying for others is such a joy, Jennifer. Watching God’s hand move in the hearts and lives of those we pray for is a delight beyond measure. Yes, I can only contain so many requests I bring to our Father and then must release in faith, that I may focus on the needs of others. Experiencing changes later on, that God has brought about, causes me to recall my requests of yesterday and then give thanks to an awesome God. len wisniewski

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  3. “Resurrected hope.” Wow, what a huge phrase, stating a reality for Elizabeth and Zechariah and all believers who held (and hold) to the promise of Isaiah. And something similar, I would think, to what the apostles felt at the other end of the earthly story of Jesus. And for all of us: no matter how bad things get, there is always hope, because of our loving God, and His Son.

    I think I’m gonna go back and hit that Reblog invitation, because this needs sharing.
    God bless– Mike

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