Happy, Exuberant Thanksgiving!

Joyful Jump

“And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned, and with a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on his face at His feet, giving Him thanks” (Luke 17:15-16a, NKJV).

Happy Thanksgiving! As we gather with our families today to give thanks for all of Daddy God’s goodness to us, this story comes to mind. What jumps out to me, as I’m meditating on it, is how boisterous this man is with the voicing of his gratitude. He is not holding back! Let’s take a closer look:

  • He went out of his way to express his thanksgiving. While his nine companions were rushing back to their pre-leprous lives to enjoy the benefits of God’s goodness, this man was rushing to Jesus’ feet. In his profound gratitude, he made the extra trip to connect with the One who had just saved him from a living torment.
  • He got loud about expressing his thanksgiving. There was no self-conscious, timid communication in a hushed voice going on here. This ex-leper was letting the four winds know how grateful he was to Jesus.
  • He used his whole body to express his thanksgiving. He went all the way down on his face. After years of sickness had eaten away at his body and his soul, he was finally, utterly, gloriously, free. With his entire being, he poured out his gratitude to his Healer.

Clearly, this man’s wholehearted articulation of gratefulness impacted Jesus. The Savior responded to him with these loving words: “Your faith has made you whole” (v. 19b, Bibliotheca).

Up until this point in the story, the word “whole” had not been used. Luke tells us that the ten lepers were cleansed. He tells us that they were healed. But only here, only with this one grateful man, does he tell us that he had become completely whole.

Jesus has cleansed us. He has healed us. But it’s only as we exuberantly pour out our love to Him in return, our wholehearted thanks and adoration for His goodness to us, that we move into complete wholeness.

Has Jesus done mind-blowing things for you? Has He cleansed you? Has He healed you? Has He set you free? Has He restored you? Has He transformed you? Does His unfailing love give you hope and purpose and a reason to be alive? This Thanksgiving, let’s get exuberant about the expression of our gratitude to Him. Let’s fall at His feet and adore Him. The One who gave it all for us deserves our passionate worship. Let’s hold nothing back!


Can you identify with this ex-leper? Has Jesus rescued you from living torment?


7 thoughts on “Happy, Exuberant Thanksgiving!

  1. Thank you for your post.
    Thanksgiving puts power in living, because it opens the generators of the heart to respond gratefully, to receive joyfully and to react creatively. Thank For Who He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the midst of our lives all around the world. Not just on one day but every day. Blessings!

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  2. I’m reading this late, but Happy Thanksgiving-late! 😀 I am so thankful for Father God’s generous thoughtfulness towards me. Lately, I have seen that along life’s grueling journey He puts in place what was and is needed to bring my heart into His light so that every part is His! He also put into place circumstances that bring warmth of comfort and joy to soothe my heart of what Satan meant for harm. It really has been a customized journey!

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  3. Hi Jennifer, hope you had a happy thanksgiving! We had a winderful one with my Aunt and cousins in Minnesota. This year the Lord has set my family Free! I would like to get a time to tell you my testimony of how the Lord set my family free during my visit to Uganda an obedience to His word. The Lord asked me to go home and bring reconciliation, He wanted to set my peoole free. It was just amazing to witness it with my own eyes!!!! I thank Him for my big crazy family!

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