Your Faith, God’s Undertaking

Strong not Weak

“Nor did [Abraham] in unbelief stagger at God’s promise, but became mighty in faith, giving glory to God.” (Rom. 4:20, Weymouth).

When Abraham became mighty in faith, God got the glory. If we’re honest, some of us might secretly, deep down inside, feel like Abraham should have gotten some of the credit. After all, he went through strenuous hardship for the Lord. He left everything he ever knew to follow the call. He was even willing to sacrifice his own precious son on God’s altar! Surely all of this added up to some kind of brownie points? To at least a little bit of bragging rights?

Nope. God got all the glory. From start to finish, the strengthening and perfecting of Abraham’s faith was God’s project, God’s responsibility, God’s execution, and God’s expertise.

God began the good work in him, and God brought it to completion. God was the Author of his faith, and God was its Finisher.  Abraham’s “weakness was turned to strength” (Heb. 11:34). God did that. Abraham became mighty in spirit and resilient in faith. That was God’s handiwork too. Abraham’s development in the faith was a spectacular testament to the ability, the wisdom, and the magnificence of the Lord whose name is above every name!

You know, that takes a lot of pressure off. Stop worrying about the caliber of your faith, precious child. You are His project, His responsibility, His undertaking. Take a deep breath, knowing that His expertise and His power are tirelessly at work on the inside of you. What He started, He will complete. He designed a magnificent blueprint and calendar for the development of your faith, before the world even began. Even as you read this right now, He is executing that plan with meticulous focus and care.

You know what else? Daddy is enjoying every moment of your growth. He delights in watching your discoveries, your victories, your milestones. So relax into the process! Enjoy Him enjoying you.

Every day your faith is stronger than the day before. Your journey is a testament to His goodness, His faithfulness, and His breathtaking proficiency!

“This brings great glory to my Father…” (John 15:8, NLT)


Have you seen God turn some of your weaknesses into strengths? If so, how has this helped you know Him better?



12 thoughts on “Your Faith, God’s Undertaking

  1. Jennifer, blessings your way. Because I am now able to view my many weaknesses in retropect, I am just beinging to receive that which God is doing in His Strength. All these years of living in darkness and denial have now come into the light of the Lords grace and mercy. I am certain, that in what time Father God wants me to remain in this body and on this earth, He will bring it to completion. The journey continues. len wisniewski.
    [Jennifer- I went to urgent care then to ER yesterday due to continued heart and blood pressure issues. Praise God, He is faithful- I am home and resting. Please keep me and Linda in prayer. }

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  2. You make a very good point here, mindful of the people who feel they have to get past hurdles of great difficulty in order to be closer to God. We need only to relax, quiet ourselves, and trust that God has been and will always lead us to where we need to be. Well done– Mike

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