He Will Hold You Together

Spring flowers and light


“The Son reflects the glory of God and shows exactly what God is like. He holds everything together with his powerful word” (Heb. 1:3, NCV).

Sometimes we subconsciously are under the impression that God made the universe like a wind-up toy. It seems to us as if He gave it the initial wind-up, and has just let it play itself out since then. As if He just set everything up initially, gave it a nudge in the right direction, and everything carries on by inertia. 

This is a false impression. Creation cannot carry on one single step without the power of God fueling it, without His immense wisdom directing its every detail. Indeed, Jesus holds the whole universe together with His powerful word. Everything, absolutely everything, that is happening this very second is under His careful guidance and orchestration. He is intimately involved. He literally meant it that not a sparrow falls to the ground apart from the knowledge of the Father. Not a one.

When a rainbow spreads across the sky and lifts your heart, that is not just a happenstance phenomenon involving drops of precipitation and the refraction of sunbeams. Daddy was entirely intentional about painting it there for you. He wanted to gladden your heart and catch another glimpse of your stunning smile.

When that dainty little bird sings cheerfully outside your window, greeting the new day, it’s because He sent her. Her lovely melody is His serenade for the one He cherishes… you.

When that colorful wildflower nods up at you from the side of the path, He planted it there on purpose for you. He’s hoping you will notice, and revel in His affection.

When the breeze caresses your face, that’s Him too. He’s loving on you. Look up and smile back into His eyes. You don’t know how much you steal His heart when you do.

Yes. He is supervising and sustaining every detail of the world around you with perfect care. Nothing ever escapes His attentiveness. So think about it:

If He can manage creation so masterfully as to assure that each stalk of grass, across endless miles, on every single continent, is growing in the right place… how much more will He lovingly work out your personal, emotional, and spiritual growth as you lean into Him?

If He employs enough wisdom and watchfulness to make sure the deer, hidden away in the depths of the forest, gives birth at just the right moment… (and the lioness, and the she-bear, and the whale, and the elephant, and every pregnant mammal on the earth)… how much more will He orchestrate for you the next vital step in your path… at exactly the right time?

If the Lover of your soul has enough energy and attention to hold the entire universe together… how much more will He hold you together, precious one? If you are the one He shed every last drop of His blood for? If you are the one He dreamed of for all of eternity?

“So do not be afraid; you are worth much more than [these]!” (Matt. 10:31, GNT).


If you get quiet before Him, is there some detail in the world around you through which Daddy wants to speak to your heart of His tenderness towards you?

9 thoughts on “He Will Hold You Together

  1. I began my day driving to work at the break of dawn. Just as the worship music in the car swelled to the chorus , the top of the mountain opened up to the most beautiful sunrise, the curly, pink clouds adding the icing on the cake! I lost my breath in God’s beauty and just worshipped. I knew He put it there for me. Then tonight as I took the dog for a late walk up the road, the same thing happened—yet it was a glowing crescent moon and a shining star set like a dimple beside it. Tears welled up at the beauty. Gifts to be cherished from our Father of Lights! 🌅✨🌙

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