Who Can Stop Him?

Northern lights

“He does according to his will among the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth; and none can stay his hand or say to him, ‘What have you done?’” (Dan. 4:35b,c; ESV).

These were Nebuchadnezzar’s words. He spoke them after he had gone through God’s furnace. He uttered them after he had eaten grass like an animal for seven years, wandering the earth as an insane man. His understanding returned to him, and spontaneous praise to the only One worthy immediately began to flow from his mouth. The Almighty had stripped him of his conceit.

I find tremendous comfort in his words. They speak to my heart about God’s ability to have His way with me. Today, Holy Spirit wants to comfort you with this same truth. Listen with your spirit: God is able to have His way with you.

Not only is He able, but no one can stop Him. No one can hinder Him from finishing the good work He began in your life. No one can hold back His hand from working in you that which is pleasing to Him. Not even you.

Consider this. Nebuchadnezzar was not even seeking God. He was not looking for nor desirous of inner transformation. He was not laying his life on the altar and asking for God’s fire to consume it. And yet, God decided to humble him. Once He made that decision, there was no force in heaven or on earth or under the earth that was going to impede what He had purposed to do. Arrogant Nebuchadnezzar went into His furnace, and came out seven years later, a humble man.

How much more is God able to accomplish inside of you what He desires? If you are reading a blog like this, it is likely that you have actually asked Him to work in your life. If you have, believe me, He has heard and received that prayer. He has recorded it indelibly in His heart. If He does as He pleases in a pagan king’s soul, how much more will He accomplish the purposes of His heart in response to your cry? In the surrendered depths of you, in the hungry core of you, who can stop the Lord of Glory? Who can hold back His hand?

As we meditate on this liberating truth, there is one more pertinent phrase in our verse for today that I did not include above. It starts out, “And all the people of the earth are as nothing…” (v. 35a, BBE). This means the following: not even the billions of people on the earth, all put together, are any kind of force that could even begin to inhibit the purposes of God. We are as nothing.

What beautiful comfort to be found in that thought! It means that my weaknesses, and yours, are as nothing to God. If our hearts are after God, the sum of our weaknesses and failings and flaws and faults and shortcomings and stumblings can do absolutely nothing to stop what He has set out to do in our lives. If we have wholeheartedly asked Him to have His way in us, He will. He unquestionably will.

Have you been afraid that some frailty in you would keep you from entering the fullness of God’s best for your destiny? Let that fear be banished forever. Who, or what, could stop the Lord of Glory from doing in your heart of hearts according to His good pleasure? Nothing can hold back His hand!

As Nebuchadnezzar concluded with his last words recorded in the Holy Book: “…and those who walk in pride he is able to humble” (v. 37, ESV). Expand that thought:

  • Those who struggle with lying, He is able to make honest.
  • Those who struggle with anger, He is able to make patient.
  • Those who struggle with selfishness, He is able to make generous.
  • Those who struggle with insecurity, He is able to make bold.
  • Those who struggle with __________________, He is able…

You fill in the blank. He is able. Rest deeply into those words. They are for you. He is able. Who can stop the Lord of Glory? Who can hold back His hand?


How does our willingness play into God’s ability to transform our lives? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this!




16 thoughts on “Who Can Stop Him?

    1. Wow Steven, thank you so very, very much! I appreciate that immensely! I think it’s terrific how you do that for others. Since I found your blog, I have been systematically working my way through the whole list of those who have taken you up on your kind offer, visiting each blog one by one. You have a gift as a networker! May He richly bless you too!


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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that, even when I was feasting upon the world in active addiction, I was in His care. I had to exhaust my will to the point of utter despair before I could receive His miracle. This post brought me to tears at how powerful His love has been throughout my life. Thank you!

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  2. Wow! To answer your question, I think God can work exponentially with a welcoming, willing heart. Look what he did with the kicking-and-screaming heart of Johah! His word will not return void and what He pleases will come to pass. And he will complete hud work through YOU. Stay faithful and surround yourself with prayer warriors. If you commit to this, you’ll need the protection.

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    1. Thank you so much, Laronda, for such a thoughtful reply! I really value and appreciate you taking the time to share. God’s words through you speak to my heart and encourage me. I am grateful to have some amazing prayer warriors in my life. I am encouraged to keep them close and involved 😊. May He richly bless you!

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  3. Thanks Jennifer for encouraging us every morning with what the Lord has put in your heart to share.
    Who can indeed stop Him? Absolutely Nobody!! Sometimes I forget that our God is unstoppable, no curse, no body, no one can stop Him from doing in our life what He has set out to do. Its so powerful and comforting to know that we serve a Living God who is unstoppable. There have been days that I ask God ‘you could have rescued me from this and that days or hours before this and that happened but then when I look back, I realize the why and if it was not God then there is no way this could have happened. I see His power and work in my life everyday; some in small daily things, others in bigger and obvious things. Am glad I know Him who is Unstoppable and His power makes me strong even in the biggest of the storms!

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    1. Mmmmmm this truth is SO good!! The testimony of your beautiful faith shines out through your words, my precious sister. Yes, He is unstoppable!! Hallelujah!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and for encouraging me! Love you 💕


  4. Hi Jennifer, Steven Colborne put the spotlight on my blog in the same post as he shone it on yours – (such a great idea) so I visited you and have just read this post. It has spoken to me in a special way at this time in my life. Thank you. God is so amazing that He connected Steven and you and me in this way so that He could speak to me through the words He has given you to write today when I needed to hear them. God bless you

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    1. Wow Mandy, I am so very, very blessed to hear that! Truly, thank you for sharing. Your words bring me a deep joy in my spirit. I rejoice to know that Holy Spirit ministered to you in this way! May He continually strengthen and encourage your heart in Him. He loves you so very much!


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