Fully Known and Fully Loved

Daddy 3

“For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs” (Zeph. 3:17, NLT).

You are fully known and fully loved.

Consider these truths:

  • Daddy has known you eternally. There was never a moment in His eternal existence that He didn’t know you and love you all-consumingly. “Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us…” (Eph. 1:4a, NLT).
  • He decided all those endless ages ago to make you His. He has been waiting ever since…, well, ever since forever, literally, to walk with you intimately in this moment. “God decided in advance to adopt us…” (v. 5a).
  • Bringing you into His arms inundated His being with bliss. Holding you close has been a central focal point for all the eternal length of His existence, and fills all the infinite depths of His fervent, fiery soul. “This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure” (v. 5b).
  • He tailor-made you out of the uncontainable overflow of His love for you. That love burst up and out of His heart and resulted in your creation. You are a product of His passion. “Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. You watched me… as I was woven together in the dark of the womb” (Ps. 139:14b-15, NLT).
  • There is no one who knows you more thoroughly, more intimately, or more delightedly than Him. His pleasure in how He made you goes beyond what words can express. “…I am fully known” (1 Cor. 13:12, NIV).

Yes, precious child. You are fully known and fully loved.


What are your thoughts about being so intimately known by the God of the universe? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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